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Chatsworth Gin


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Chatsworth Gin, produced by Peak Ales on the Chatsworth Estate.

Selected botanicals from the Chatsworth garden & greenhouse have been used in the creation of this classic London Dry Gin. The infusion of Chatsworth lemons, lemongrass and lemon verbena produce a crisp citrus character which is complemented by the herbal notes of the banana leaf. The connection between Chatsworth and the Cavendish banana is integral, and we believe the addition of banana leaf, as a botanical, is unique. We hope you agree that the blend is a great success.

Suggested serve – with Fever tree Mediterranean tonic water, plenty of ice and a slice of lemon.

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Product Description

Click here to be directed to our Chatsworth Gin website.

After years of development between ourselves and Chatsworth, we are so proud to finally have this out there. Distilled at our barn on the Chatsworth Estate using botanicals from the Chatsworth Garden and Greenhouse including the leaves from the Cavendish banana, this gin is truly distinct.

The Cavendish Banana Story

In the 1830s, Joseph Paxton, head gardener to the 6th Duke of Devonshire, introduced bananas to Chatsworth when he received a specimen plant from Maurutius. In November 1835 the banana plant flowered, producing more than 100 fruits, and Paxton was able to offer plants to enthusiasts around the country.
The importance of the Cavendish banana came to the fore when Panama Disease virtually wiped out the established Gro Michel variety, and over the next 10 years the more resistant Cavendish banana became the main commercial crop around the world.
However, once again, Panama Disease is threatening the world’s bananas, and scientists are working hard to find a solution. One project hopes to develop a Cavendish banana plant using disease resistant Madagascan variety to ensure that bananas will be enjoyed far into the future.


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