India Pale Ale IPA x 12 Bottles


Peak Ales India Pale Ale, IPA 6% ABV is a handcrafted beer that offers a bold and complex flavour profile. Brewed using the finest ingredients and traditional brewing techniques, this IPA is a true testament to the art of beer making.

At the heart of Peak Ales India Pale Ale, IPA is a carefully selected blend of malted barley and hops, which are expertly combined to create a distinctive aroma and taste. This IPA has a strong hoppy flavour that is complemented by a subtle sweetness, resulting in a beer that is both refreshing and satisfying.

Great with - Anything that is massive in flavours basically, We are talking Smoked Haddock, Thai Curries, Indian Curries, Smokey Meat on the BBQ and Fried Foods.


  • Silver SIBA Digital Beer Awards - Bottle & Can IPA Category 2023
  • Bronze SIBA Midlands Independent Bottle & Can Awards - Bottle & Can IPA Category 2022
  • Gold at the World Beer Trophy Awards in Luxembourg 2021
  • Gold in High Gravity Pale Ales at The Barrowhill Beer Festival 2017
  • 2 Gold Star Award – Great Taste, Guild of Fine Food.

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What is India Pale Ale IPA?
India Pale Ale, commonly known as IPA, is a type of beer that originated in England. It's characterised by a strong hoppy flavour, which can range from floral and citrusy to piney and bitter, depending on the specific variety of hops used. IPAs typically have a higher alcohol content compared to other beer styles and are known for their refreshing and sometimes bold taste. The name "India Pale Ale" comes from its history of being brewed with extra hops and higher alcohol content to survive the long sea voyage from England to India during the 18th and 19th centuries.