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Can I buy a cask of beer?
We can arrange a cask (9 gallon - 72 pints) to be delivered within 10 miles of us or you are able to collect We ask for a deposit of £50 for the cask and £30 for a loan charge for a cradle and a tap. For example a cask of Chatsworth Gold would be £130, plus a deposit of £50 (which will be refunded on collection) and a tap and cradle is £30, which is also refunded. Please enquire if you would like to order, our current cask ales are Chatsworth Gold, Bakewell Best and Swift Nick. Call JoJo on 01246 583737.

How do I tap and vent a pin (36 pints) or cask (72 pints) with a tap and cradle?

Identify a suitable place where the cask can be securely sited and will not need to be moved. Remember the cask will need to stay cool so avoid places where sunshine or heat can affect it. If using a cradle, place on cradle lying down on a solid surface, allowing the cask to move will disturb the sediment and could cause cloudy beer (still perfectly safe).

Make sure the cask is tilted with the base a little higher than the head of the cask – this is to ensure that as much beer as possible is available to be served. If a temporary stand is being used, make sure the cask and stand cannot topple forward.

Ideally the cask will be cool and settled when it needs to be vented. Hit the hard wooden peg through the centre of the shive (the plastic plug which is now facing upwards) This will allow any pressure that has built up to escape from the cask, some beer may spray out when you do this so have a towel at the ready! Remove the peg and set on one side.

Once the pressure has been released from the cask, drive the tap into the cask with a rubber/wooden mallet. Make sure the tap is closed. You will need to hit the tap firmly (2-3 times) to break through the plastic seal (keystone) and make the tap secure. If the cask is still “active” use the soft (porous) peg in the vent hole and leave until the bubbles stop being produced and then replace with the hard peg. Leave the cask undisturbed for at least 24 hours to allow the beer to clear before serving through a tap or hand pull.

For best results keep & serve at 11-14°C. A damp towel placed over the cask can help to keep the cask cool. When serving, remove the peg to allow the beer to flow and replace in between sessions to keep the beer in good condition. Please return all equipment to the brewery at Longstone Lane, Units 3 - 6 Park Farm Industrial Units, Ashford In The Water, DE45 1NH or if arranged we will collect.

Do you sell mini kegs?
We sell mini kegs in our shop and sometimes online, these hold just over 8 pints of beer. Please call before you visit our shop to confirm stocks and current ale available. Mini Kegs have 6 months date on them and once open our 5L Mini Kegs last for around 3-4 days.

Can I recycle a 5L Mini Keg?
It depends on each council, please contact them to check. Some councils have the equipment to separate the plastic and metal so it can it can be put into mixed recycling. Your local recycling centre may also be able to take them.

Do you sell a mixed case of beers?
Yes we do, we sell a 3 pack and a 12 pack of our current ales in stock. Please see The Gift Pack and The Collection for further details.

Can I personalise labels on your beer bottles for a gift?
Yes, simply visit the Personalised Beers page for further instructions and we can design your beer labels for you.


Can I place an order online and collect from the Visitor Centre shop?
Yes, simply choose collect at checkout.

Can I have the ales sent to another address?
Yes we can ship to another address other than the purchaser.

Can I put a message into the box if it's for a friend?
Yes, we can write a hand written note for you and pop it into the box.

Do you offer free delivery?
Yes, if you live locally within 10 miles of DE45 1NH, we deliver within 3 - 5 working days. The quickest way to check if you are within 10 miles is use Google Maps and enter your post code and ours and then press directions. This will give you the mileage or place the order online and on entering your address the delivery options will be present at checkout and automatically appear if you are legible for free delivery.

Your delivery charge is higher than thought, why is that?
We are a small brewer and don't have access to a fleet of vans so we use DHL Express couriers. Each case is packed carefully and fully protected. Due to the nature of the items being alcohol and glass we have the best rate available but we are continually looking at ways for us to send our cases for the least possible amount to you, the customer. The price you pay for shipping is the price we pay.

If there is anything that you are still unsure about then either email us or call us: 01246 583737