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Gluten Free Ale

Over the years gluten-free beer has been requested and demand has increased considerably to produce a gluten free ale that can be enjoyed by Peak Ales customers who are sensitive to gluten.

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How do you make a beer gluten-free?

In the UK ales must contain less than 20ppm of gluten to class as a gluten-free ale

Breweries can use an enzyme called Brewer's Clarex to reduce the amount of gluten in their beers to under 20ppm (parts per million), this allows the labelling to state that the beer is gluten free. And of course breweries can produce an ale that does not contain wheat or barley, but these tend to not have the flavour of an ale brewed with hops. 


A special note - We don't use Brewers Clarex, DPA is naturally very low in gluten.

DPA Gluten Testing

So, curious to find out if one of our ales is infact gluten free, we sent off a sample of our Derbyshire Pale Ale, DPA. DPA is a distinctive and refreshing 5% pale ale that is well hopped with Goldings for a smooth, slightly sweeter taste, with a hint of spice.  

The sample went to a laboratory for testing and we got the results back... To be classed as a gluten-free beer, the product must container less that 20ppm, the results for DPA was that not only is it a gluten free ale that comes in under 20ppm, but actually under 10ppm. And once again we do not add Brewers Clarex, nothing at all... Meaning you can enjoy a Peak Ales DPA traditional hoppy ale if you are sensitive to gluten or are Coeliac.